Are you looking for a competitive advantage to connect you with employment?


Social and Emotional Intelligence are critical for success in a job.


BRANDS FOR CANADA has launched a six week training program for individuals with disabilities who are looking for employment.  We provide training in the areas of:  emotional and social skills, communication, conflict resolution, managing your disability in the workplace, interview and job search support, and stress management.


Participants receive five coaching sessions to provide support throughout the program from Adler Graduate Professional School Inc. (ADLER).  The final stage of the program is to provide an employer placement and/or connect the client directly into employment.


Participants receive new work-appropriate attire for interviews, complimentary haircut, personal care supplies and a complimentary cellphone to assist in their job search.


Once clients successfully complete the six week curriculum there will be an opportunity for an employer placement and/or permanent employment.

BRANDS FOR CANADA is looking to connect with employers who can:


  • Provide participants a work placement (8 weeks minimum and/or interested in hiring participants into permanent employment)
  • Accommodate an individual’s disability (i.e. may require an accommodation for a physical disability)


During the placement BRANDS FOR CANADA (BFC) will provide:

  • Ongoing support to employers to ensure client success and needs are met
  • Ongoing support to program clients to ensure learning and success
  • Participants will have weekly meetings with BFC to discuss any challenges that may come up during the placement
  • Evaluation of participants during their internship to ensure they are effectively utilizing the hard and soft skills learned in the curriculum

To register please contact


Julie Young
416-703-8435 ext: 190




Cindy Roemer
416-703-8435 ext: 130