Special Needs Training

Brands For Canada’s programming includes Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) job training placement for people with intellectual and/or physical challenges who are training in basic work skills.


Participants come to us to learn basic back-to-work skills in the Brands For Canada warehouse, boutique or administrative capacities. They gain the confidence and experience needed to help secure and maintain a job.


Poverty has a direct impact on mental health. And for individuals with mental and physical barriers compounded with poverty,  life’s challenges are overwhelming to face on their own. We strive to empower the people we help to help themselves and and tap into their talents.


We’ve built strategic alliances with partners such as Community Living Toronto (CLT); Ontario Disability Support Programs (ODSP); City of Toronto (Investing In Neighbourhoods); George Brown College Augmented Preparatory Studies; and Partner Agencies (e.g. CAMH); providing employment programs and job training placements to individuals with:


  • Intellectual Challenges
  • Physical Challenges
  • Mental Challenges
  • Community Service Orders
  • Addictions


The consistency of a secure and safe work environment provides reassurance and support to learn basic back-to-work job skills (ie. attendance/punctuality, completing tasks, following guidelines).


We’re exploring the expansion of this program to include job development (co-op/permanent placements) in entry positions w/n private organizations.


This is a full-day workshop for people on employment assistance that prepares them for transitioning into the workforce. We offer job-specific clothing, personal care items and first impression training for job seekers. Participants gain hands-on experience that enhances their self-esteem and in turn, employability, by getting the tools and tips they need to make that critical positive first impression on future employers. They also leave the workshop with four-to-six new work-related clothing items and a gift bag full of personal care items.


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This program collects and distributes brand-new children’s clothing and other basic-needs items to social service agencies and programs working with children in Toronto facing abuse, poverty, homelessness, parental drug abuse and crime, immigration and settlement. The agencies working with these children (and in many cases, their families as well) face multiple challenges, and the clothing and other basic-needs items we provide for the children are crucial not only for fostering pride and self-esteem, but also for participation in school activities.




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Our dress boutique sells brand new designer wedding and prom dresses at a discount while offering hands-on employment training to marginalized job seekers.




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Rogers cell phone dealers from various cities around the country donate cell phones and start-up phone cards to people who cannot afford them. Participants include those searching for employment and families with children. For many of them, these phones become a lifeline—literally.

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