BFC/Toronto, home to our head office, has been assisting with the basic needs of vulnerable people since 1992.


As founders of Second Harvest in Toronto, a food recovery program, Joan Clayton and Ina Andre became awareof the urgent need for decent clothing for people living in shelters and families relying on social service agencies.


Joan and Ina registered Brands for Canada Ontario (formerly Windfall Basics) as a charity and began picking up surplus clothing and delivering to shelters in their own cars.


By 1996, the organization was receiving and distributing more than 9,000 pieces of clothing per month.


Since 2011, we’ve received more than 900,000 pieces of clothing, personal care items and housewares. We distribute the donated items through partnerships with approximately 80 partner agencies.


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Besides the distribution of new clothing and other essentials,
the Toronto location offers several impactful employment
programs supporting people who are economically
disadvantaged to move toward gainful employment.


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BFCO (Windfall) was rated as the number one most cost-
effective charity in Canada by MoneySense Magazine in 2010
and 2013.